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OCTAVIA 5 player - de Luxe

Operators prefer to save space and efficiently use the capacity of the gaming floor. Therefore, we have developed a product variation of Octavia New 5, which is the same model compared to Octavia 8 less 3 play stations. The roulette could be fully equipped upon customers requirements in terms of optional accessories and different types of note acceptors.

Octavia New 5 is designed to have a back panel marquise equipped with camera system, with built in jackpot panel.


  • Latest Linux software platform
  • SAS communicaton
  • TITO
  • Player Tracking
  • Unique roulette Jackpot
  • Racetrack betting mode
  • External displays for players information, live wheel, hot/cold numbers, jackpot, last wining numbers
  • 0 or 00 wheel
  • GLI, TST, KEMA, SIQ tested and approved for various world markets
  • Local language option
  • Touch screen monitors or touch panel
  • Ticked in/out
  • Note acceptors with stackers
  • Coin system / acceptor with hopper
  • Key operated / 3 level RFID keys
  • Gamenet operated
  • Modem access for service and monitoring