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OCTAVIA 2 - 24 players - de Luxe Special

Independent playstations with stand alone central roulette wheel. Following world trends in gambling - Independent is the hottest product on the market in terms of design, playability, and benefits for operators and players. Automated electromechanical roulette consisting of independent number of playstations and a central roulette wheel gives you many advantages. As an operator, you can connect multiple playstations placed around in a large distance in a casino hall. Players can feel more privacy playing divided into individual locations rather than sitting together around one machine. Each round results are displayed on a large TV screen. Independent is the next proof of Evona ability how to innovate and differentiate its products.


  • Latest Linux software platform
  • SAS communicaton
  • TITO
  • Player Tracking
  • Unique roulette Jackpot
  • Racetrack betting mode
  • External displays for players information, live wheel, hot/cold numbers, jackpot, last wining numbers
  • 0 or 00 wheel
  • GLI, TST, KEMA, SIQ tested and approved for various world markets
  • Local language option
  • Touch screen monitors or touch panel
  • Ticked in/out
  • Note acceptors with stackers
  • Coin system / acceptor with hopper
  • Key operated / 3 level RFID keys
  • Gamenet operated
  • Modem access for service and monitoring